Common Disease Conditions that React Finely with Medical Marijuana

06 Nov

There are around 15 states approved the use of medical marijuana for treatment of conditions. All in all, marijuana is still federally illegal, so there must be some reasons and exceptions that these states have to legalized the use of medical marijuana. Truthfully, there are a number of diseases and symptoms that actually can be treated with medical marijuana. Below are some of the list of conditions that respond well to medical marijuana:

1. Crohns Disease- A lot of studies has proven good result for medical marijuana to decrease the incidence of gastrointestinal disorders specifically Crohns. The compound in medical marijuana which is cannabinoids that plays in the activation of receptor called as CB2- that is believed to lower inflammation rate in the GI tract that result to decrease pain and swelling.

2. Chronic Pain- It is one of the mostly considered reasons to use medical marijuana in which it blocks most of the pain pathways of the central nervous system. Same purpose with opiates but it uses a different neurochemical signaling system to do its charm. Thus, combined treatment with opiates and medical marijuana can be used to increase the desired therapeutic effect of analgesia because they can act on different pathways. Know about mission organic menu here!

3. Severe nausea- One of the longest standing usages for medical marijuana has been for vomiting and nausea stoppage. It can give dramatic outcomes in terms for wasting and nausea though the problem is it increases your appetite and thus it may increase your bodyweight about 40 to 50 pounds.

4. Severe muscle contractions- There are already standard medications available in the market for treatment of this symptoms but most of its side effect is weakness or drowsiness and so medical marijuana can be a good alternative to decrease muscle spasticity and pain which have found to have good result.

5. Glaucoma- though research has not yet provided the processes how cannabinoids works to decrease intraocular pressure though it is observed that using medical marijuana can give relief for about 4 hours.

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